A primary objective of certification is the transfer of knowledge concerning the unique needs of individuals who are planning the next phases of their life.

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The New Beginnings Project’s programs are offered primarily through its network of professionals in the disciplines of coaching, professional development, and long term financial planning. Individuals in these communities become part of the New Beginnings Professionals (NBPros) through certification.

While The New Beginnings Project is designed to supplement other programs it can also stand on its own. Whether one is a coach, trainer, outplacement provider, or financial planner, the Project provides additional tools – focused specifically on this segment of the population. In essence, The New Beginnings Project bridges gaps often found in other programs.

To maintain high standards of delivery, the certification categories are designed to meet the needs of different practitioners. In all cases, training is required. The New Beginnings Project provides training and manages the certification process. To ensure a continuance of learning, certifications are periodically renewed.



Category 1: Group Assessment Delivery
Individual information resulting from the Wilson-Smith Life Profile™ (WSLP) is confidential to the recipient. However, aggregate results can provide a profile of what’s important from the perspective of the group as a whole. Creating the desired organization first requires knowledge of the organization’s current status. Used as a situation appraisal tool, the WSLP can help determine the current state of the organization for the purpose of future improvement.

Category II - Workshop Delivery
Certification in this Category allows an individual to deliver New Beginnings Workshops and administer the Wilson-Smith Life Profile to an individual or organization. For each offering, Individuals must successfully complete a 2- 3 day workshop which focuses on all aspects of human transitional issues, curriculum delivery, and assessment instrument administration.

Category III - Individual Assessment Delivery
Certification in Category III is required to use the Wilson-Smith Life Profile as a tool to provide individual coaching and counseling. Individuals in this Category must be able to demonstrate experience in coaching and counseling as a prerequisite to participation. A workshop that focuses on human transitional issues, the Wilson-Smith Life Profile as a tool, and best practices in information delivery is a requirement.


Certification creates an opportunity for professionals to stay in touch and influence the progression of The New Beginnings Project based on their experiences. NBPros opinions are a prominent factor in future offerings and revisions.