Funding for The New Beginnings Project has been made available from Transformation Systems, Inc. and Strategic Directions, LLC


The New Beginnings Project has evolved from the work of Dr. Marta Wilson and her colleague Kenneth Smith. As founding principals of two consulting firms, both have substantial experience working with organizations, teams, and individuals in transition.



A cornerstone of the New Beginnings Project is an individual assessment instrument, the Wilson-Smith Life Profile (WSLP), that facilitates understanding of one’s current and desired future states in order to close the gap between the two. With backgrounds in measurement creation, the developers have taken time to not only ensure relevant content, but to also confirm the instrument is considered valid and reliable by an independent research team. Taking two years to construct, the WSLP has undergone testing at various stages that involved over 300 participants. Such testing has helped ensure accurate structure and scaling that support the constructs below.



In recent years, the New Beginnings team has noticed a major demographic change in the makeup of organizations. As more of the workforce inches toward retirement, the greater the challenge to undertake longterm improvement programs. Also noticeable at times is a distinct disconnect between the more seasoned baby boomers and their younger counterparts who are moving into leadership roles. These and additional observations prompted the birth of a project targeted at a new and unique phenomenon, the maturation and ultimate exodus of one of the largest workforces in history.

Dr. Marta Wilson
Marta Wilson received her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Virginia Tech in 1993. In 1994, she founded Transformation Systems Incorporated (TSI), a leadership consulting firm based at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. Marta is a transformation catalyst and plays many roles including leader, coach, speaker, researcher, and trainer as she facilitates conscious evolution and improvement with individuals, groups, and organizations. She is coauthor of the books Work Miracles: Transform Yourself and Your Organization and Live a Difference: Make Every Thought, Word, and Deed Count.

Kenneth Smith
Ken Smith is a graduate of the Senior Managers in Government Program at Harvard University. After leaving the Federal Government’s Senior Executive Service in 1995, where he led numerous tranformation and human resource initiatives, Ken founded Strategic Directions, LLC (SDL). Shortly thereafter, SDL joined forces with TSI and The Performance Center community at Virginia Tech. Over the years, Ken has worked with more than 30 organizational and individual development transformation programs and has taught leadership and organizational development for government executives through George Mason University.

Advisory Panel
The New Beginnings Project is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards for its instruments and programs. To this end, a panel of distingushed professionals are assisting in the continueal efforts to validate and improve the project.

  Dr. Timothy Ludwig, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Department of Human Resources Management,
    Appalacian State University.
  Dr. Katherine Houck, Clinical Psychology, Principal, Advent Consulting
  Dr. Richard Cober, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Booz-Allen Consulting