Organizations can use the Project as a means of providing information useful in desigining employee motivation, retention, and sucession planning efforts.
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In many organizations today, half the workforce is eligible to retire over the next few years. What happens if they all leave at the same time? How does the organization keep this valuable segment of the population engaged and relevant if they stay? How does the organization help them make decisions that are sensible for all?

  Provides you with an understanding of how values and focus on the future differ for this group as
    compared to other generations?
  Shows you how fundamental to their future this group views characteristics such as flexibility,
    initiative, risk taking, and interpersonal talent?
  Illustrates workplace skills in which this group believes they excel and/or want to excel?
  Tells you where this group stands relative to key financial and health issues facing their futures?

With information like this, organizations are better equipped to develop programs in the areas of employee motivation, retention, and succession planning. By tapping into the aggregate values of this segment of the organizational population, critical initiatives can be aligned more closely with the opportunities for growth and areas of strength that describe the generation that will soon begin to make its mass exodus from the American workforce.

Individual information resulting from the Wilson-Smith Life Profile™ (WSLP) is confidential to the recipient. However, aggregate results can provide a profile of what’s important from the perspective of the group as a whole. Creating the desired organization first requires knowledge of the organization’s current status. Used as a situation appraisal tool, the WSLP can help determine the current state of the organization for the purpose of future improvement.