The New Beginnings Project assists individuals over 40 plan for and manage their strategic transitions.

The project includes programs for leaders and organizations to help them gain the most from this segment of today’s workforce.

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In many employment sectors today, amazingly half the workforce is eligible for retirement. This extraordinary event is occuring at a time when many who could retire have concluded that retirement must be postponed because of financial considerations. As people live longer, the resulting consequenses are significant – creating challenges for individuals, leaders, and organizations that have never before been encountered.

  When, if ever, can I retire?
  If I work longer for the same organization, will I remain actively engaged?
  How do I properly plan, not just for the financial challenges, but for the cultural change that retirement will bring?
  How do I create something better than I have today, or at a minimum maintain my current quality of life?

  How do we respond to the needs of a staff that is twice our age and makes more money than you do?
  Alternatively, how do we ensure that they are not succumbing to the comfort zone of half of our staff?
  How do we promote change when the change is contrary to the values of our staff?

  What help can we provide our workforce for life planning beyond the financial planning courses?
  How do we ensure that the highest paid segment of our workforce remains the most productive?
  How do we offer incentives when no promotions are available?
  What would we do if all those eligible for retirement were not part of our workforce tomorrow?

Through our programs and assessment tool, The Wilson-Smith Life Profile™, the New Beginnings Project helps individuals, leaders, and organizations create answers to these and many other questions.