Today, because Baby Boomers make up more than half of many organizations, they are more critical than ever to success. Twenty years ago, when age proportions were different, the impact was much smaller.

Workshops are available through certified NB Professionals or employers who participate in the New Beginnings Project.

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You already know that people are different. Whether it’s personality, knowledge, or skills, people’s ability to excel depends on how well leadership understands them as individuals. With today’s workforce dominated in large numbers by Baby Boomers, understanding generational issues is as important as understanding other differences.

Today, many organizations find themselves with a substantial portion of the workforce that is more mature than their leadership. This trend will continue for at least the next decade.
Different generations do not approach life or work in the same way. According to the BridgeWorks Generations Survey, for example, the majority of Baby Boomers plan never to retire. They intend to keep working in some form or another for as long as they can be productive. The way Baby Boomers versus other generations approach retirement is going to look very different.

How does leadership manage these differences? How do you tap the energy that is available to you from your maturing organization?

The New Beginnings Project offers a workshop specifically designed for leaders to learn ways of building stronger and more positive relationships with their Baby Boomer employees and stakeholders.

Energizing Baby Boomers
In this workshop, participants discover strategies, tips, and secrets for working with Baby Boomers to create an environment that remains challenging and productive. Download brochure